The SymbIoT project aims to provide high-quality navigation and precision farming services, by integration of GNSS capabilities into field telemetry stations


SymbIoT is a project funded by the action «RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE», Operational Programme Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020 (EPAnEK), aiming to address key challenges in the precision farming domain.

The SymbIoT project aims to provide precision farming services, accessible to the average Greek farmer and characterized by the very high precision in positioning agricultural machinery, vehicles and measuring instruments, a positioning precision that can even reach a level less than 10-centimeters.

It will be based on a combination of complementary technologies and systems comprising of advanced GNSS positioning systems, the Internet of Things – IoT, communication protocols, unmanned vehicles, earth observation systems, etc. which will be integrated into a unified platform.

The SymbIoT project introduces advanced positioning capabilities, enabling the development of new applications in the field of precision farming that support, among others, spatial mapping, route planning and automatic navigation of unmanned vehicles in the field.

NEUROPUBLIC is the coordinator of the project, working along with project partners AGENSO and PEGASUS Agricultural Coop Producers Organisation.

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