Project contract for the development / maintenance / support of OPEKEPE’s I.S for 2017, at a budget €1.100.000 with option for 2018 with the same physical and financial subject.

Project contract with the National Observatory of Athens (E.A.A.)

Project contract with Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation (PNO).

Maintenance, support and expansion of the Euro-VO Registry and participation in the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA).

Cooperation with the region of Central Greece for the application of smart farming for olive fruit fly control.

Collaboration with rural cooperatives and rural businesses to implement large-scale intelligent agriculture services.

Participation in AIOTI working group 6 on “Intelligent Agriculture and Food Security”.

Participation in the DataBio H2020 project, the largest European project for big data in bioeconomy.

Participation in DIGITALEUROPE’s actions.


Relocation of the headquarters of the new Methoni 6 offices in Piraeus and creating new modern Data Center.

Relocation of offices in North Greece to new larger and more modern offices.

NEUROPUBLIC becomes member of the networks AIOTI (www.aioti.eu) – EARSC (www. earsc.org) – BDVA (www.bdva.eu) and GODAN (www.godan.info)

Pilot plants of 27 Gaiatron stations nationwide. Participation in equity capital of GAIA BUSINESS SA as technological pillar.

Developing innovative technologies and participation in research and collaborative projects.


Manufacture of a prototype of an Environmental Data Collection and Processing device (GAIA TRON), with a view of developing a station system in a PanHellenic network for GAIA INFARM


Participation in the shares of GAIA EPICHEIREIN S.A. as technology pillar

Development of novel technologies and participation in research and collaborative projects


Launching of the construction of a private 7-floor building in Piraeus

Undertaking of project for ESA (Euro-VO)

Participation in European research projects regarding security for citizens (ADVISE), with processing and cognitive analysis systems in areas of forensic investigation (LASIE), as well as earth surveillance systems with the use of technologies such as GMES, SatCom and GNSS (ACRITAS).

Development of Digital platform of cloud services for the agricultural field.

Certification of the company by Ripe (Management authority of Internet resources in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia) and as Internet provider in Greece.

Participation in the European program XIFi as Infrastructure owner and Operator. The aim of the project is the creation of EU-wide cloud system, for the develpment of new innovative applications.


Research for the construction of private 7-floor building in Piraeus and issuing of Planning Permission.

Merge of technologies and staff of the company Semantrix S.A.

Participation in software projects on space technology.

Provision of roaming services for GSM operators

Specialization in the management of digital items


Creation of branch and increase in software sales in Northern Greece

Cooperation with PASEGES (Pan Hellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Co-operatives) – technological upgrade of 100 agricultural cooperatives


Collaboration with YPAAT and OPEKEPE for the Development of Custom Software


Creation of Internet Data Center (I.D.C.)

Certification with ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 with constant renewal until today


Development of software in Web environment for local authorities and health organizations

Founded in February 2003