News ◦ 21—02—2020

NEUROPUBLIC co-organizes Sentek’s Annual Conference in Athens

News ◦ 21—02—2020

The annual Conference of Sentek Technologies, the largest soil sensor producer, which this year was co-organized with NEUROPUBLIC in the context of their strategic partnership over the last years, was successfully completed.

The Conference was held in Athens, Greece between 12 and 14 of February 2020, with the participation of Sentek’s partners from Europe, Middle East, and Africa, NEUROPUBLIC’s staff, Sentek’s staff among which the company’s Co-Founder Peter Buss, its CEO Nick Ktoris and its Regional Director for Europe Paolo Antini, as well as representatives from Galcon, which recently acquired Sentek.

The Conference started on Wednesday 12/2 with a training of Sentek’s commercial agents on topics related to soil sensors and software (the Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe and Irrimax Live respectively) and presentations on the business model and the marketing strategy of the company, while the second day (Thursday 13/2) focused on presentations of the company’s commercial agents.

On Friday 14/2 the Conference moved to the area of Kiato, Corinth, where the Sentek collaborators had the opportunity to attend a presentation on the  innovative Greek smart farming system gaiasense.

Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos, NEUROPUBLIC’s President and Head of gaiasense, presented the different aspects of gaiasense and the data collection and acquisition workflows, along with the different crops covered by gaiasense up to now. In addition, he referred to the peculiarities of the Greek farming sector and the way in which gaiasense addresses these issues.

Sentek Conference 2020 - gaiasense

Sentek’s collaborators discussed with local farmers that apply the smart farming services of gaiasense for the last five years. As the farmers stated, the results from the adoption of the gaiasense practices are definitely positive with multiple benefits for them, such as the conservation of natural resources (such as irrigation water) and the reduced inputs in the field, with financial, qualitative and environmental benefits.

Following that, participants visited a vineyard of Pegasus Agrifood Coop / 7 Grapes, where they had the opportunity to see in action one of NEUROPUBLIC’s telemteric agrometeorological stations and the way in which they collect data.

Sentek Conference 2020 - gaiatron

Giorgos Goudelis, Senior Embedded & IoT Systems Engineer of NEUROPUBLIC, presented the gaiatron telemetric station that NEUROPUBLIC designs and constructs in Piraeus, as well as the way in which it collects atmospheric and soil data from the field, with an emphasis on the role of Sentek sensors in this process.

The field visit concluded with the installation of a Sentek soil sensor by their experts, an activity that aimed at training its collaborators in new installation practices leading to higher precision measurements with a reduced installation time.

Sentek Conference 2020 - Sentek probe


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