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  • Customer: GAIA BUSINESS SA
  • Sector: Agricultural production
  • Users: 600,000 Greek producers, 1,000 employees of the KEA and the ΕΑΣ, 500 partners and stakeholders

The GAIA EPICHEIREIN services, which are being developed by NEUROPUBLIC since March 2013 utilizing the Internet and Cloud Computing, constitute one of the most innovative products demonstrated by Greece in recent years.

The innovation of GAIA EPICHEIREIN is not only due to the technological leadership, reliability and adequacy of the offered services, but it is also the result of the longstanding experience and technical know-how of the company. Moreover, it is based on the establishment of a broader, creative collaboration of three sectors: the technological one, represented by NEUROPUBLIC, the agricultural one, represented by Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives (UAC) and Cooperative Organizations/Societies, and the financial one, represented by the Piraeus Bank, in order to satisfy the needs of the Greek farmers as producers and entrepreneurs.

This venture is crucial in order to demonstrate the comparative advantages and sharpen the outward focus of the agricultural sector in Greece, in a context where many expectations are laid on it for the total development resource of the Greek economy.

The technology tools provided by GAIA EPICHEIREIN to Greek producers allow them to organize, control and monitor their production, improve the management and administration of their farm and, above all, increase and improve productivity as well as the quality features of their production. Furthermore, they are offered the possibility of promoting their products and gain reputation in a wider enterprise network extending beyond limited spatial bounds at international enterprise and financial level.

The technology services platform GAIA EPICHEIREIN is designed and implemented by a NEUROPUBLIC team with scientific expertise with the goal of utilizing innovative technologies in the software and cloud services field, delivering to the rural world an absolutely pioneering product at low cost and high accessibility.

The services, with more than 1 million users in the agricultural sector, are offered by GAIA EPICHEIREIN SA and are supported all over Greece by an extensive services network of Farmers Service Centers (KEA) of certified quality.

The services provided cover the following categories of agricultural entrepreneurship:

    Management and Financial Follow-Up Services/Tools
    Subsidy and Public Regulatory Obligations Services
    Agricultural Production and Intelligent Agriculture Services
    Agricultural Products Trade and Promotion Services
    Online Agricultural Society

By using the GAIA EPICHEIREIN services, the private sector of agriculture and especially farmers or generally those employed in the agricultural field, obtain the comparative advantage that makes them stand out.

By using the services, Greek producers profit and benefit from:

  • spending less time on bureaucratic and counterproductive issues
  • the streamlining of bureaucratic procedures
  • improving their relations with the Association they belong
  • the transparency and the prices they are charged for
  • the technical knowledge for the improvement of their production

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