Additional information

  • Customer: Ministry of Rural Development and Food
  • Sector: Public Agriculture sector
  • Users: Department Officials

In 2014, NEUROPUBLIC undertook a great IT project on behalf of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (YPAAT, now Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment and Energy Rural Development), during which OPEKEPE (the Greek Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aid) served as the project promoter.

The project named “Farmers and Farms Registry E-Services and Rural Merchants Registry & Other YPAAT Registries Interconnection” is part of “Ηigh Added Value Rural Digital Services (e-YPAAT).

It is focused on the development of the Registry of Farmers and Farms (MAAE), the development of Single Registry of Rural Merchants, Supplies and Inputs, as well as the development of digital services of these Registries.
Furthermore, its objective is the development of alphanumeric and geospatial data sharing environments between the cooperating body and the Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment and Energy Rural Development, in order to carry out a standardized data and information sharing of high interoperability in accordance with open standards, thus making data and information accessible via digital services of the Registry system for interested external operators and for the Services of the Ministry of Reconstruction of Production, Environment and Energy Rural Development for further use. Moreover, the project’s goal is the interconnection of the rest (sectoral) registries of YPAAT trough a new environment, the development of new sectoral registries as well as the operating aid of the existing Registries, selective data erasing and shared data display in a uniform manner, on existing management applications, which maintain their operational autonomy and remain in service in order to satisfy the needs of the Ministry.

Last but not least, the project aims at the development of a web based application (web-gis) for geospatial and alphanumeric data in order to make them available for display, statistical display and management, depending on the user’s authorization.
The purpose of this project is the optimal utilization of systems and infrastructure that will be developed via e-YPAAT, the further use of current systems of YPAAT, the provision of valuable digital services to agricultural stakeholders, but mainly the creation of an interoperation mechanism for sharing data with supervised institutions, in order to create reliable agricultural registries.

The project is due to be completed until September 2015.