Additional information

  • Project: Taxinomia
  • Sector: Public – Private entities
  • Users: 500


The company has the required technical knowledge and is a valuable partner in undertaking projects relating to the digital promotion of Culture.

In collaboration with university laboratories and specialized scientists teams, it has provided integrated digitization and scientific documentation services, as well as digital libraries development services for clients such as the National Library of Greece, the Historical Archives of ATEbank, the Prefectural Administration of Athens, the Municipal Gallery of Corfu, the Industrial Property Organisation, et al.

The specialised software Taxinomia, developed by NEUROPUBLIC S.A., is an asset towards this objective. Complying with the current trends, it aims at the cataloguing of archive material and the management of digital items.
The characteristics of Taxinomia render it one of the most ideal software for managing digitized material, especially when this material is of historic and/or cultural value and the documentation is not necessarily covered by the established international standards.
In particular, thanks to the feature of customizing metadata structures easily and to a great extent, it is a flexible tool for managing knowledge regarding material of various formats and thematic categories, such as archival documents and manuscripts, museum exhibits, paintings, buildings, pictures, et al..

In the context of development and specialization, Taxinomia is now available as a package in two versions. Taxinomia Archive, especially designed for archives, and Taxinomia Culture, especially designed for museums, collections and cultural material in general.