The gaiasense system was developed by NEUROPUBLIC and is an innovative smart farming system tailored to the needs of both Greek and Mediterranean agriculture.

The gaiasense system was developed by NEUROPUBLIC and is an innovative smart farming system tailored to the needs of both Greek and Mediterranean agriculture.

It is a tool for collecting and processing digital data about soil, water, atmosphere and plants of each crop. It strengthens and supports the scientific knowledge in the agricultural sector and the ability to provide accurate advice on agricultural production.

It manages, in a single environment, different data (such as space data, sensor data and data from field measurements / observations), for different crops, with different local characteristics and all these at a price affordable even by smallholder farmers.

It is the only system of smart agriculture services that is supported by a nationwide private network of telemetric stations operating without a financial charge on producers.

It was entirely developed in Greece by NEUROPUBLIC S.A. and is successfully applied for the last two years in the Greek territory. It provides information for eleven different crop types with new ones added constantly.

For an increasing number of farmers, it is a tool for reducing their production costs, addressing production risks more effectively, improving the quantity and quality of their production and drastically reducing the environmental impacts.

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