• Client: Municipality of Thessaloniki
  • Sector: Government
  • Users: 3500 Employees of Financial Services

The Financial Services of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, before opting for the Integrated Information System of Financial Services of NEUROPUBLIC, relied on systems and applications developed and supported by the computerization service of the Municipality. For the support of the double-entry system, the Municipality used an information system from the local market, supported by its developer via a relevant maintenance contract.

An important problem for the smooth operation of the Municipality was that this system operated only at the Financial Services Directorate of the Municipality and was not interconnected efficiently with the rest information systems of the Municipality. As a result, the Financial Services of the Municipality experienced difficulties in the completion of their work due to the wide diversity of information systems, something that complicated considerably the operation environment of the Financial Services of the Municipality.

In order to deal with this problem, it was imperative to create a single, consistent and modern information infrastructure, which effectively supports all operations of the Financial Services of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and is able to be utilized by all Financial Services Directorates and Departments, as well as constitute the Integrated Information System of Financial Services (ΟPSOY) of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

NEUROPUBLIC carried out the project in accordance with the above demands of the Municipality and today successfully supports the services of the Municipality (487 employees) via the shared and integrated Web based Information System for Financial Management. This system allows employees of the Municipality services to use a single database management system (RDBMS ORACLE), thus generating reports from each subsystem without intervening in the final results, print to any kind of printers, interoperate, cooperate, share data and ensure that every project or registration is completed once at one spot, resulting to limited errors and enhanced general operation of the Financial Services. Moreover, the system offers the possibility of collaboration and data sharing with other information systems of the Municipality, with the prospect of future expansion by integrating new applications and services.

NEUROPUBLIC S.A., the only company developing Web software for the Public Sector company, has elicited acclaim for its Web Double-entry System and has been certified for its competency by the Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction in 2003.

It has been awarded the ISO 27001:2013 certification for integrated infrastructure security solutions, and it has a specialized training and technical services department, thus ensuring the provision of maintenance and management services for the information systems of the company. Moreover, it applies ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System for the development and maintenance of its systems.
The collaboration of the Municipality of Thessaloniki with NEUROPUBLIC has upgraded incredibly the quality of the Financial Services of the Municipality and has brought a sharp decrease in the expenditures of the Municipality, thanks to the enhanced management of the complex range of the Finance managed by the Municipality.