Additional information

  • Client: Economic and administrative management personnel, medical documentation, Warehouses, Pharmacies
  • Area: Children’s Psychiatric Hospitals, Health Units
  • Audience: Medical and Administrative Units staff

The Integrated Information System Ygeia has been successfully used for many years at various Health Units, such as the General Hospital of Zante, the Psychiatric Hospital of Corfu and the Attica State Mental Hospital for Children in Rafina.

Namely, at the Mental Hospital for Children in Rafina, the system is accessible via a web browser and allows remote users both of the medical and administrative staff use and manage its applications as cloud services.

The system covers fully the management of Finance, Staff, Income –
Expenses, Supplies and Medical records (Medical Subsystem and Patients Management) and constitutes a reliable and effective tool for the proper administration of the unit, since it enables the smooth operation and interconnection with all regional and cooperating offices online.
The system is supported 24 hours by the technical department of the company as cloud service, has effectively assisted in the enhanced organization of the unit, the rationalization of its expenses and the improvement of the services provided to its patients.

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