Additional information

  • Customer: 100 Customers around the world
  • Sector: Telecommunication Services – Data clearing companies
  • Users: 1500 in 28 countries

Our specialized services in the area of Roaming and billing software enable us to cooperate with large companies of the field on a global level for years (Bell, Telefonica, Vodafone). The services satisfy the need of completing the automatic transformation and validations between various file formats.

The particularly reliable services of Roaming studio package constitute a very important tool for managing and reducing costs, as their use can result in:

  • the lowering and controlling of the cost of mobile communications
  • transparency in charges
  • optimization of the efficiency of the billing system
  • single management, single cost
  • factual information of the user
  • comparison and check of charges and contracts
  • identification and pinpointing of discrepancies (reduction of bills from 2 to 15%)
  • total lowering of management costs