Cloud—Data center

NEUROPUBLIC’ s cloud is housed in a specially designed Data Center, constructed in NEUROPUBLIC’s headquarters.

In short

Security – Seamless operation – Availability

The data center is based in a secure controlled access room, it is supported by mechanisms and security systems in operative (e.g. electricity-UPS-generator, air conditioning, fire extinguishing system) as well as in informational level (redundant system arrays, network devices, security devices), in order to achieve seamless operation and the highest level of resource availability.

Το build the Data Center, NEUROPUBLIC cooperated with the biggest infrastructure equipment providers (Brand-Rex, APC, Stulz, IBM, Dell, HP etc.), telecommunication needs are covered by two providers, while we use our privately owned IP addressing spectrum ensuring 100% availability of its web applications and independence from providers.


Protection and Data Security

Additional security (Firewalls, IPS/IPS devices) and performance optimisation services (Load Balancers, SSL Offloaders) are included in NEUROPUBLIC’s network, in order to ensure that the requirements of the company’s security policy concerning data protection (Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability) are met.

Data Availability

The design of the data storage infrastructure system complies with the company’s policy as well as high availability arrays. The aim is to better serve the systems for and to ensure seamless and smooth operation of the systems for which services are provided.