Code Generator

NEUROPUBLIC has developed an innovative code generator tool exclusively used by our programmers, in order to create and maintain most of the company’s applications. The applications generated by the code generator are web-based CRUD applications or/and mobile applications for Android and iOS.

In short

NEUROPUBLIC’s code generator uses files written in DSL (Domain Specific Language) as input, which is a language that has also been developed by NEUROPUBLIC. In these nrl files, the developer has the ability to fully describe all screens and custom functions of the application.

The code generator processes the nrl files and the parameters given by the developer and creates the web application, which consists of a backend in J2EE technology and a front-end built using the AngularJs platform and Typescript. Rest-full web services are used for the front-end — back-end communication.


Code generator also in mobile applications

The company is able to generate code for mobile applications in Flutter, by generating the necessary files in Google’s dart language. The developed mobile application communicates via the same web services with the back-end of the web application, resulting in homogeneity on both interfaces (web and mobile).


By using the code generator, any possible mistakes that would occur if the developer would insert the code manually are avoided, quantitative and qualitative productivity is greatly increased, and the applications for each customer have uniform look and can be used in the same way without the need to become familiarized with the basic functions again. Used in the code generated, AngularJs for web and Flutter for mobile, are two of the most modern technologies with a growing popularity and acceptance in their field.