Agricultural Policy Information Systems

NEUROPUBLIC’s years of experience in developing Integrated Information Systems and its accumulated expertise in topics of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), have made the company a pioneer in this field.

In short


The CAP is a set of rules and interventions ensuring its common application by all the member-states of the E.U. in order to achieve the respective goals. Implementing and monitoring the CAP, however, constitutes a complex system. New technologies offer enormous capabilities for reducing administrative load resulting from monitoring and controlling the CAP. More specifically, knowledge, innovation and digitalization are incorporated in the measures of the future CAP as follows:

Smart farming acts as a catalyst for achieving the environmental/climate goals of the CAP, to enhance productivity-competitiveness and to improve quality.


In the context of the operating model of the CAP, NEUROPUBLIC has designed and developed a series of systems and services that satisfy the proper application of the CAP requirements and support a number of interventions concerning Pillar I (Direct Payments to farmers) and Pillar II (Rural Development Policy).


  • Processing and correlation of large volumes of data
  • Utilizing all available technologies
  • Large user volume support
  • Complete computerization of procedures
  • Performing the required controls
  • Interfacing with third-party data sources

Since 2006, NEUROPUBLIC has been the main supplier of the Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aid (OPEKEPE), undertaking the development of Information Systems to assist the work of the Agency in the above field.