Digital Services for the Agricultural Sector

NEUROPUBLIC provides the most complete and innovative proposal in the agricultural economy because it specializes in the agrifood sector, has technological competence and multi-year experience.

In short

The services developed by NEUROPUBLIC for the agrifood sector are “smart” tools and the essential digital work environment to provide quality and reliable consulting services – easy, fast and simple.

NEUROPUBLIC develops Custom services that have the following unique characteristics:

  • They are available as Cloud Services
  • Online access and support (via the web)
  • The Cloud Technology ensures user data security and 99,99% availability and integrity of the data.
  • They utilize cutting-edge technologies at a low subscription cost


Custom applications are accessible via the technology platform, which is managed by GAIA EPICHEIREIN S.A. and constitutes the technology channel, between the parties involved in the agrifood sector.