GI Trace – Traceability

The “GI Trace – Traceability” application provides the capability of managing the production process, maintaining of traceability and the implementation of quality assurance systems to the separate stages of production in an agricultural goods production unit.

In short

The adjustment and customization capabilities of the application lend it the necessary flexibility in order to adjust to the requirements of every production unit, irrespective of its type (processing, packaging, trading) and the sort or sorts of products that it processes.

The functionalities of the application in question pertain to the detailed cataloguing of information per production stage, the traceability maintenance framework, as well as the accurate monitoring of the separate critical control points in the frame of implementing the respective quality assurance systems.

Indicatively, some of the functionalities of the specific application have to do with the following capabilities:

  • Batch management
  • Warehouse management
  • Production management
  • Supplies management
  • Critical control points management


The major advantage of this particular traceability application lies on the fact that it can interoperate with the “Cloud ERP”, providing the production units with the data required for the integrated management of their production process, utilizing both financial and production indices (qualitative and quantitative indices).

It interoperates with the “GI ICM – Integrated Cultivation Management” and “GI Livestock – Livestock Holdings Management”, providing the capability of managing and monitoring the traceability in all production stages, from the primary sector up until the consumer.

The integrated package of the aforementioned electronic applications provides a vertical production process with the entirety of the tools needed for the rational management of its production process and aids the agricultural enterprises in decision making for optimization of the desired result.