Cloud ERP

In the context of providing integrated solutions, NEUROPUBLIC has designed and developed a Cloud ERP, which satisfies the needs of the agrifood sector.

In short

This particular Cloud ERP constitutes an integrated trading and accounting management application that is meant for enterprises that deal in the production, processing – packaging but also trading of agricultural products.

Indicatively, some of its functionalities are presented:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Clients-Suppliers Management
  • Securities Management
  • Purchases and Sales Management
  • Clients’ Offers – Orders Management
  • Suppliers’ Orders Management
  • Import Costing Management
  • Production – Costing Management
  • General Accounting Management
  • Detailed Accounting Management
  • Fixed Costs Management
  • International Accounting Standards Management a.o.


The big advantage and special characteristic of this particular ERP is that it is fully adjusted to the specificities of the agrifood sector.

The innovation of this ERP is that it provides the capabilities of an ERP in a cloud environment and that it allows, as an added capability in interoperation with the “GAIA TRACE – Traceability”  application, the monitoring of two different but interdependent – through the production process – quantities, such as:

  • Traceability management at all levels of production, and
  • The trade and accounting management of the production unit.

These capabilities confer special characteristics to a decision-making tool through the detailed cataloguing and task monitoring of a production unit.