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NEUROPUBLIC’s “Politeia” single and Integrated Information System was created for the Local but also the Regional Government Authorities, aiming to becoming the main administrative tool

In short

It is a web-based system that fully covers the operational, administrative and financial needs of the Local and Regional Government Authorities. It is perfectly adjustable to the needs of small and large organisations and is implemented either as an installation on customer premises or as a rented cloud service.

The system supports with absolute adequacy the Financial and Administrative services of the Local Government Authorities, the Supplies Management, the detailed monitoring of the Warehouses, the Income Services with 13 income categories, the Projects Division as well as the Staff Department with a fully-fledged Payroll (updated with all the latest amendments according to the Single Payroll) and Human Resources Management system, all fully customizable according to the needs of each organisation.

ERP Politeia is the basic administrative tool for the Local and regional government authorities as it provides the administrations of these authorities with the capability to control and monitor the course of income, expenses and financing in a simple way, to publish their balances in a timely manner, and to carry out and monitor the ProjectsProgramme within the required timetables as well. Finally, they are provided with the capability of checking in time each and every deviation of the expenditures against the budget and in general to operate the organisation with transparent, valid and safe procedures.