News ◦ 26—07—2023
NEUROPUBLIC’s projects at the 9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture
News ◦ 23—03—2023
NEUROPUBLIC at the Agrothessaly 2023 Fair
News ◦ 29—11—2022
NEUROPUBLIC’s contribution to the AIOTI report on carbon footprint measurement
News ◦ 31—10—2022
NEUROPUBLIC and its co-funded projects at the 29th Agrotica Fair
News ◦ 26—10—2022
NEUROPUBLIC participates in EU pilot project that designs framework to evaluate the use of digital solutions for sustainable agriculture
News ◦ 06—10—2022
NEUROPUBLIC participated in NIVA’s Stakeholder Forum & Project Meeting
News ◦ 10—05—2022
Digital event for the dissemination of the LIFE GAIA Sense project outcomes
News ◦ 04—04—2022
Invitation to the online training on the AgriTech curriculum
News ◦ 14—02—2022
NEUROPUBLIC participates in the 4th International Electronic Conference on Remote Sensing
News ◦ 02—02—2022
NEUROPUBLIC’s Nikos Kalatzis talks about the Technology Innovation Pillar of Ploutos
News ◦ 04—11—2021
Our Ploutos project announces the official launch of its Sustainable Innovation Pilots!
News ◦ 11—08—2021
NEUROPUBLIC joins the EIT Food Innowise Scale program as a solution provider
News ◦ 16—07—2021
Press Release: Change in NEUROPUBLIC’s Board of Directors
News ◦ 25—06—2021
NEUROPUBLIC’s gaiasense smart farming system featured in Germany Trade and Invest report
News ◦ 10—06—2021
NEUROPUBLIC Nominated as a Top Software Company in Greece by
News ◦ 28—04—2021
Invitation to online demonstration of “Digitizing Open Field Vegetables” Flagship Innovation Experiment on smart farming
News ◦ 02—04—2021
PRESS RELEASE: Collaboration between NEUROPUBLIC and Piraeus Bank for the sustainable development of the agrifood sector
News ◦ 22—03—2021
NEUROPUBLIC participates in the Flagship Innovation Experiment 26 “Digitizing Open Field Vegetables”
News ◦ 15—02—2021
NEUROPUBLIC’s gaiasense smart farming system awarded at Green Awards 2020
News ◦ 07—12—2020
Report from the AgTech7 Deep-Dive Webinar co-organized by NEUROPUBLIC
News ◦ 26—11—2020
The Ploutos project kicks off with the participation of NEUROPUBLIC
News ◦ 09—11—2020
NEUROPUBLIC participates in the 7th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture
News ◦ 02—11—2020
Invitation to an online agritech Deep-Dive webinar by AgTech7
News ◦ 12—10—2020
Presentation of NEUROPUBLIC’s Earth Observation services at a Copernicus workshop
News ◦ 25—08—2020
IoF2020 Use Case “Data-Driven Potato Production” coordinated by NEUROPUBLIC gets an extension
News ◦ 20—07—2020
Meeting of SmartAgriHubs Flagship Innovation Experiment 26
News ◦ 22—06—2020
Meeting between the Chairman of Piraeus Bank and NEUROPUBLIC’s executives
News ◦ 11—06—2020
gaiasense presented at online workshop on data sharing in agriculture
News ◦ 21—05—2020
SmartOliveGrove: NEUROPUBLIC’s smart farming services for improved olive production in Western Greece
News ◦ 29—04—2020
NEUROPUBLIC participates in teleconference on smart farming for cotton
News ◦ 07—02—2020
NEUROPUBLIC promotes PoliRural at the Agrotica 2020 International Fair
News ◦ 06—02—2020
Successful participation of NEUROPUBLIC at the 28th Agrotica International Fair
News ◦ 24—01—2020
NEUROPUBLIC at the 28th Agrotica International Fair
News ◦ 18—12—2019
Sustainability of NEUROPUBLIC’s DataBio-enhanced smart farming services after the end of the project
News ◦ 17—12—2019
NEUROPUBLIC’s Christmas party for children
News ◦ 29—11—2019
NEUROPUBLIC’s participation and distinction at the 25th MARS Conference
News ◦ 01—11—2019
Participation of NEUROPUBLIC in the 6th Panhellenic Congress of GAIA EPICHEIREIN
News ◦ 31—10—2019
NEUROPUBLIC participates in the STARGATE project on climate smart agriculture
News ◦ 02—09—2019
NEUROPUBLIC participates in the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair
News ◦ 07—06—2019
NEUROPUBLIC’s smart farming approach presented at the “Mathematics in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution” Symposium
News ◦ 23—04—2019
NEUROPUBLIC organizes a DataBio agriculture code camp at Thessaloniki
News ◦ 17—04—2019
Agreement between the EU Member States on the digitization of European agriculture
News ◦ 15—02—2019
Smart Farming Services for Tobacco – Agreement between SEKE & NEUROPUBLIC
News ◦ 13—02—2019
NEUROPUBLIC at the Zootechnia 2019 International Fair
News ◦ 31—01—2019
AgroWeek: Smart Farming – The future of farmers
News ◦ 23—10—2018
NEUROPUBLIC presents the innovative smart farming system gaiasense in Heraklion, Crete
News ◦ 14—09—2018
HETiA @IOT Solutions World Congress 2018 – Barcelona, 16-18 October 2018
News ◦ 12—09—2018
Change in NEUROPUBLIC’s Board of Directors
News ◦ 23—08—2018
The DataBio project starts trials of 26 bioeconomy pilots
News ◦ 04—07—2018
NEUROPUBLIC in the Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2018 awards for second year
News ◦ 15—06—2018
NEUROPUBLIC S.A. sponsors Workshop of the Technical Chamber of Greece on Earth Observation Data
News ◦ 11—06—2018
Presentation of DataBio and its pilots at Copa-Cogeca’s Research & Innovation WP meeting
News ◦ 18—04—2018
NEUROPUBLIC supports Job Fair Athens 2018
News ◦ 15—02—2018
Project of NEUROPUBLIC A.E. for Papafio Thessalonikis
News ◦ 20—12—2017
NEUROPUBLIC celebrates Christmas 
News ◦ 08—12—2017
NEUROPUBLIC participates in the 23rd MARS Conference
News ◦ 04—12—2017
National Center for Social Research (NCSR) signs a project contract with NEUROPUBLIC
News ◦ 06—11—2017
The IVOA International meeting in in Chile and NEUROPUBLIC’s participation
News ◦ 21—09—2017
Supporting the Common Agricultural Policy through Earth Observation-based services
News ◦ 28—07—2017
Contract between NEUROPUBLIC SA and GSRT
News ◦ 05—07—2017
News ◦ 04—07—2017
Participation of NEUROPUBLIC in the 2nd General Assembly of AIOTI
News ◦ 10—06—2017
Participation of NEUROPUBLIC in EIP-AGRI’s Seminar on digital innovation in agriculture
News ◦ 25—05—2017
NEUROPUBLIC participation in the IVOA 2017 international meeting in Shanghai
News ◦ 22—05—2017
Presentation of NEUROPUBLIC’s Smart Farming Project in the Money Show 2017 Conference
News ◦ 05—05—2017
Project contract between NEUROPUBLIC SA And G.G.E.T.
News ◦ 10—04—2017
Project contract between NEUROPUBLIC SA and the National Observatory of Athens (N.O.A.)
News ◦ 04—04—2017
NEUROPUBLIC certified with the PCI-DSS standard
News ◦ 30—03—2017
Project contract between Panhellenic Seamen’s Federation and NEUROPUBLIC S.A.
News ◦ 30—03—2017
Code Generator – an innovative technology by NEUROPUBLIC S.A.
News ◦ 15—03—2017
NEUROPUBLIC in the Greek FabSpace 2.0 Open Day
News ◦ 02—03—2017
Smart Farming in Greece and NEUROPUBLIC’ s smart farming project – KATANA project
News ◦ 07—02—2017
NEUROPUBLIC in AIOTI’s Working Group 06 meeting
News ◦ 17—01—2017
NEUROPUBLIC contributes to DIGITALEUROPE’s workshop on remote sensing and agriculture
News ◦ 17—12—2016
Participation of NEUROPUBLIC in the WEMED Conference
News ◦ 28—07—2016
NEUROPUBLIC becomes member of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA)
News ◦ 28—07—2016
NEUROPUBLIC is officially a member of GODAN
News ◦ 28—07—2016
NEUROPUBLIC’s contribution in MED Hackathon
News ◦ 20—06—2016
NEUROPUBLIC’ s participation at Horizon 2020
News ◦ 20—06—2016
Certification of Unified Quality and Information Security Management System for NEUROPUBLIC
News ◦ 31—05—2016
NEUROPUBLIC joins the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation
News ◦ 02—02—2015
Διάκριση της NEUROPUBLIC σε βραβεία καινοτομίας και απόδοσης του si-Cluster