News ◦ 31—05—2016

NEUROPUBLIC joins the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation

News ◦ 31—05—2016

NEUROPUBLIC S.A. recently joined the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI –, the largest European Internet of Things network which brings together IoT key players both from the private and public sector. NEUROPUBLIC actively contributes to the Working Group on “Smart Farming and Food Security” (WG06) of AIOTI.

AIOTI is an initiative of the European Commission that is working on the development and support of the dialogue and interaction among various European stakeholders in the Internet of Things (IoT) context. AlOTI focuses on the creation of a dynamic European IoT ecosystem that will allow the exploitation of IoT full potential. This ecosystem is going to build on the work of the European Research Cluster on the Internet of Things (IERC) and ensure the adaptation of innovative practices across different industries and business sectors of IoT, facilitating the transformation of ideas into solutions and business models. AIOTI also aims to help the European Commission shape the IoT future at the EU level, by supporting the preparation of policies on future IoT research as well as on innovation and standardization.


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