The gaiasense smart farming system is an innovative tool for developing digital advisory for agriculture. It provides advice for thousands of farmers in Greece and abroad and expands at an impressive rate.

In short

NEUROPUBLIC develops all technological aspects of the gaiasense system, namely its software, the telemetric stations, the sensors, the computing systems, the data processing analytical methods, and additionally has the operational responsibility for the development and operation of the stations in an extensive network across Greece.

The gaiasense system is daily supported by the agricultural counselling firm “ΑΓΡΟΤΙΚΗ ΚΑΙΝΟΤΟΜΙΑ ΑΕ” (in English: “AGRICULTURAL INNOVATION S.A.”) and their network of partners across Greece.



It is an integrated system consisting of a technological infrastructure of thousands of IoT sensors installed on productive agricultural land across Greece and Europe. A digital platform collecting and processing satellite land data, a cloud ecosystem of applications for mobile devices and computers. It can be utilized by farmers, agriculturists, researchers, industries and analysis laboratories.

Benefits for the farmer

A farmer using the gaiasense system enjoys one of the most advanced smart farming services at a European level, paying only an annual subscription corresponding to the length of its use.

For the first time in Europe, not only large-scale farmers but also small-holder farmers can have access to the privileges and capabilities of smart farming by using gaiasense.

gaiasense’ s innovation

It is for the first time in Europe that such an integrated smart farming system is created and operates, on the one hand containing a high-scale technological infrastructure, and on the other hand an operational infrastructure with agriculturists, researchers and laboratories supporting it. In practice, gaiasense is an advanced, but also simple to use, service for every farmer, irrespective of how familiar the farmer is to new technologies.

Technologies utilized

The gaiasense system combines a multitude of informatics technologies (Big Data, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Service-oriented Architectures, modern techniques and programming languages, and Semantic Web) with interdisciplinary fields like soil science, agricultural engineering, meteorology, agronomic and biological sciences and environmental sciences.