News ◦ 08—02—2024

NEUROPUBLIC participates in SMARTWINERY; a smart winery with the most innovative technology, gets under way!

News ◦ 08—02—2024

  • The project consortium is formed by the University of Murcia, Productos Agrovin, the Wine Technology Platform and NEUROPUBLIC.
  • SMARTWINERY has a budget of €3,052,896.18 and has received funding of €2,137,027.32 from the Interregional Investment Facility for Innovation (I3) under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The University of Murcia, with Productos Agrovin, the Wine Technology Platform and NEUROPUBLIC, has launched the European project SMARTWINERY with the aim of optimising the winemaking process through the creation of a smart winery to reduce costs and increase the production capacity of traditional wineries, while reducing processing times and improving the quality of the wine.


SMARTWINERY kicked off in November 2023 with an internal consortium meeting, with the participation of the European Commission, in which the consortium agreed on the steps to be taken to implement a work plan based on four technical activities.

  • Design, installation and commissioning of the demonstration plant.
  • Optimisation of the SMARTWINERY process to guarantee maximum wine quality.
  • Synergies and international cooperation
  • Basis for the market launch of SMARTWINERY.


A smart, connected warehouse

SMARTWINERY focuses on the installation of an experimental winery at the headquarters of Productos Agrovin (Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real) where the demonstration plant will be installed, equipped with the most innovative technology applied to the main stages of production and integrated into a digital platform for monitoring and data analysis.

NEUROPUBLIC, a Greek SME, as an expert in the development of integrated applications and information systems, will participate in the identification of the appropriate sensing and actuation technologies to be integrated together with the data management platform and decision system.

For its part, the University of Murcia, in addition to coordinating the project, will be in charge of analysing and monitoring the wines produced in the new experimental winery to guarantee their maximum quality.

Finally, the Wine Technology Platform, as a national association for the promotion of R&D&I in the wine sector, will be in charge of the communication of SMARTWINERY as well as its transfer to the national and international wine sector.



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Communication Director

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