News ◦ 15—06—2018

NEUROPUBLIC S.A. sponsors Workshop of the Technical Chamber of Greece on Earth Observation Data

News ◦ 15—06—2018

The Central Macedonia Chapter of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE/TKM) and the Interbalkan Environment Center (i-BEC) organized a Workshop that explored the role of Earth Observation Data and technologies towards sustainable economic growth.
The event took place at the headquarters of TEE/TKM (49, Megalou Alexandrou Street, Thessaloniki) on Friday, June 15 at 10:00 AM.


High-caliber participants from academia, public administration and the private sector, highlighted the importance of Earth Observation Data and outlined the widening range of ways it can contribute towards a sustainable growth path for the economy.
Sector specialists presented case studies on leveraging Earth Observation Data towards the increase of economic efficiency and profitability.

NEUROPUBLIC’s contribution

NEUROPUBLIC, the leading company on smart farming in Greece, proudly sponsored the event and contributed its experience on innovative applications of Earth Observation Data that constitute an integral element of its gaiasense holistic platform for Smart Farming.

Mr. Savvas Rogotis, from NEUROPUBLIC’s Northern Greece branch, described how Earth Observation Data are coupled with terrestrial readings and highlighted the potential benefits of EOD and gaiasense for the rural economy, farmers’ incomes and the Gross National Product.

More on the event’s agenda at the TEE/CM chapter website: