News ◦ 22—03—2021

NEUROPUBLIC participates in the Flagship Innovation Experiment 26 “Digitizing Open Field Vegetables”

News ◦ 22—03—2021

NEUROPUBLIC participates in the Flagship Innovation Experiment 26 “Digitizing Open Field Vegetables” of the European project SmartAgriHubs.

The specific activity regards the collaboration between NEUROPUBLIC, the Agricultural University of Athens, Marathon Bio-products and gaiasense as a Digital Innovation Hub, aiming to support the production of open field organic vegetables through innovative methods and gaiasense-based smart farming services.

More specifically, through the collaboration of the participating partners, scientific models for the optimization of the fertilization, the irrigation and crop protection of organic broccoli, with a methodology that can be applied to the production of other organic vegetables as well. In addition, in the context of the specific activity a maturity estimation algorithm using artificial intelligence will be developed for an early weed detection system.

The Flagship Innovation Experiment 26 is going through its final phase, with the 2nd round of pilot trials are under implementation at the Marathon Bio-Products facilities.


SmartAgriHubs project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 818182.