News ◦ 02—04—2021

PRESS RELEASE: Collaboration between NEUROPUBLIC and Piraeus Bank for the sustainable development of the agrifood sector

News ◦ 02—04—2021

NEUROPUBLIC and Piraeus Bank completed the first phase of their business collaboration, which regards the participation of Piraeus Bank in the company’s share capital.

The specific strategic collaboration, through the acquisition of a 5% minority stake of NEUROPUBLIC S.A. by Piraeus Bank, is the culmination of the common vision of the two partners, with reference to the sustainable development of the agrifood sector, in combination with addressing the challenges of climate change.

The agreement for financing NEUROPUBLIC’s investment plan by Piraeus Bank has as its main goal the promotion of sustainable solutions focusing on the adoption of innovation and new technologies for the transformation of the agrifood sector, aiming at improving competitiveness with environmental and social aspects in mind.

With the completion of the first phase of cooperation, the commercial strategy of NEUROPUBLIC is confirmed in the most creative and promising way, which has as a main priority the utilization of smart farming in the new productive model of the country.