News ◦ 17—04—2019

Agreement between the EU Member States on the digitization of European agriculture

News ◦ 17—04—2019

On 9th of April 2019, 24 European countries, including Greece, signed a Declaration on Cooperation on a “Smart and Sustainable Digital Future for Europe’s Agriculture and Rural Areas“.

The aim of this cooperation is to undertake actions to support the digitization of agriculture and the rural areas in Europe.

The announcement and signature of the agreement took place in the context of Digital Day 2019, an event aimed at enabling those Member States interested in joining forces and pooling the resources needed to facilitate the digitization of different areas and processes.

This announcement essentially recognizes the potential of digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things and 5G, as instruments that can improve the productivity of agriculture, while improving its economic and environmental sustainability.

At the same time, the announcement stresses that these technologies will substantially contribute to addressing important and urgent economic, social, climate and environmental challenges that the European agricultural sector and the rural areas face.

The declaration is part of the European Union’s overall effort to accelerate the digital transformation of agriculture and the rural areas in Europe.

Today’s commitment of Member States to cooperate on actions that will bring about this transformation is excellent news. The Commission will support and facilitate such actions

It should be noted that the Communication refers to EU funded projects on advanced digital technologies for agriculture, including three Horizon 2020 projects in which the NEUROPUBLIC S.A. participates (DataBio, SmartAgriHubs και IoF2020).

European agriculture and rural areas have to benefit fully from the ongoing digital transformation of our economies and societies.

NEUROPUBLIC’s strategy on the digitization of Greek agricultural production

This initiative justifies NEUROPUBLIC’s strategy, which has decided to focus its efforts over the last years on the digitization of Greek agricultural production through the gaiasense smart farming system and other applications for the agricultural sector.

This effort aims at digitizing the Greek agricultural production, with all the benefits this brings to the Greek producer, the environment and the economy in general.

You can read the announcement of the European Commission here