News ◦ 12—09—2018

Change in NEUROPUBLIC’s Board of Directors

News ◦ 12—09—2018

On Monday, September 10, 2018, a General Assembly of the shareholders of NEUROPUBLIC was held, aiming at the election of a new BoD and the approval of the new Strategic Development Plan of the company.

The new Board of Directors

The body of the General Assembly elected the new 7-member Board of Directors of the company, consisting of the following persons:
Fotis Hadjipapadopoulos – Chairman, George Mamais – Vice President, Ioannis Koufoudakis – CEO, Ioannis Mavroudis – Member, Claire Stamatakis – Member, Rosa Gargalakou –Member, Spyros Roussos – Member.

Development Plan

The General Assembly also approved the Strategic Development Plan of the company for the next 3 years and it was decided to significantly strengthen the role of NEUROPUBLIC in the digitization of the agricultural sector during this period.

The company is particularly grateful to the outgoing CEO, Mr. Ioannis Mavroudis and the outgoing Vice-President, Mr. Fotis Konstas, for the services they offered and wishes the new CEO Mr. Ioannis Koufoudakis and the new members of the BoD to be successful in their new duties.