News ◦ 23—10—2018

NEUROPUBLIC presents the innovative smart farming system gaiasense in Heraklion, Crete

News ◦ 23—10—2018

On Wednesday, October 24, at 17:00, NEUROPUBLIC will hold an informative event on the innovative smart farming system gaiasense in Heraklion, Crete.
Participants will have the opportunity to be informed about how gaiasense works, the collection and processing of data, the services it provides to the producer and the agricultural advisor, and the benefits of its use. During the event, the four dimensions of the system will be presented and collaborating researchers will refer to the role of research and the use of research results in gaiasense services.

During the event, the role of the agricultural advisor in the process of assessing, adapting and implementing the advice produced by gaiasense will also be presented and highlighted.

The participants of the event will have the opportunity to hear and see producers who already have worked with gaiasense, to talk about the benefits they received from gaiasense services in their crops.

The event will also present the European dimension of the gaiasense system and will highlight the need for digitization of agricultural production as demonstrated by the new Common Agricultural Policy, through interventions by representatives of EU bodies.
Finally, the site layout of the existing and future gaiasense network in Crete will be also presented.

Wednesday 24 October, 17:00 – Aquila Atlantis Hotel, Health 2, Heraklion, Crete.

Entrance will be free to the public.