News ◦ 29—11—2022

NEUROPUBLIC’s contribution to the AIOTI report on carbon footprint measurement

News ◦ 29—11—2022

AIOTI – the Alliance for IoT and Edge Computing Innovation is a European network of organizations that aims to lead, promote, bridge and collaborate in IoT and Edge Computing and other converging technologies research and innovation, standardisation and ecosystem building, providing IoT and Edge Computing deployment for European businesses creating benefits for European society. NEUROPUBLIC is a long-time member of AIOTI, bringing its IoT expertise and experience on the table.

Recently, AIOTI published a report titled: “IoT and Edge Computing Carbon Footprint Measurement Methodology“, addressed to users of IoT and Edge Computing technologies and services to help them understand and make informed choices on how to assess the carbon footprint of solutions and services they use and to also measure how these methodologies support carbon footprint reduction of their use. In addition, the report proposes a method of calculating the carbon avoided emissions in an industrial sector/domain, when ICT is used as an enabling technology.

NEUROPUBLIC team members Nikos Kalatzis, Anastasios Trypitsidis and Vasilis Gkoles contributed to this AIOTI report. More specifically, NEUROPUBLIC’s contribution is Section 6.3.3 “Smart-farming as an enabler to Carbon footprint reduction: the gaiasense approach, which describes the approach followed for calculating the carbon footprint based on the farmers’ activity log, as well as the effort towards reducing the carbon footprint using our gaiasense smart farming system.

This is just a part of the work that NEUROPUBLIC has undertaken as a member of the ag-Cluster: Agrifood Cooperative Cluster in Central Macedonia (Συνεργατικός Σχηματισμός Αγροδιατροφής στην Κεντρική Μακεδονία), for a more sustainable agriculture with reduced carbon footprint through smart farming.

You can find more information and access the report on the AIOTI website.