News ◦ 07—02—2020

NEUROPUBLIC promotes PoliRural at the Agrotica 2020 International Fair

News ◦ 07—02—2020

NEUROPUBLIC participated in the 28th Agrotica International Fair, which took place at Thessaloniki, Greece between 30/1 and 2/2/2020. This year, the Fair received more than 161,00 visitors and more than 2,000 exhibitors from 46 different countries.

NEUROPUBLIC and GAIA EPICHEREIN, both partners of the PoliRural Horizon 2020 project, had a strong presence during the 4 days of the Fair and promoted the PoliRural project among the visitors of their Stand. More specifically, NEUROPUBLIC and GAIA EPICHEIREIN staff presented the concept of the project to farmers, agronomists and visitors coming from various Regions of Greece, and gave away the leaflet that was especially prepared for this purpose. In addition, the project’s roll-up was set up in a central area of the Stand, ensuring maximum visibility and drawing the attention of the visitors. In addition, more than 150 leaflets were shared through the cotton bags that were handed out to the visitors of the stand, along with other promotional material.

The event provided the opportunity not only for Greek project partners NEUROPUBLIC, GAIA, the Region of Central Greece and the Agricultural University of Athens (both of them also participating in the Fair as exhibitors) but allowed the establishing of communication between key potential stakeholders of the project such as the Agrifood Partnership of Central Greece, which acts as the “umbrella” of most of the Region’s agrifood companies and Agrotiki Kainotomia (Agricultural Innovation), a Panhellenic network of agricultural advisors and geotechnical offices.

In this context, Mr. Velissarios, the new President of the Agrifood Partnership of Central Greece (in the center of the picture above, along with Mr. Theodoros Zografos and Mr. Vassilis Protonotarios from NEUROPUBLIC as well as Region’s officers) was informed about the PoliRural project and opportunities for collaboration and active involvement of the Partnership in the project’s Greek pilot were explored.