News ◦ 28—07—2016

NEUROPUBLIC becomes member of the Big Data Value Association (BDVA)

News ◦ 28—07—2016

NP is currently working on the integration and management of large volumes of heterogeneous types of data (such as the ones provided by UAVs, Copernicus Earth Observation Data, environmental& soil, maps, business data etc.), in order to provide advanced Smart Farming services which aim to increase production both quantitatively and qualitatively while at the same time reducing production cost, to a customer base of >725K registered agricultural professionals.

BDVA is a private, industry-led and non- profit association with the mission of boosting European BIG DATA VALUE research, development and innovation and fostering a positive perception of BIG DATA VALUE. The aim is to maximize the economic and societal benefit to Europe, its businesses and its citizens, and enabling Europe to take the lead in the global data-driven digital economy.

BDVA membership is composed of large industries, SMEs and research organizations to support the development and deployment of the EU Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership with the European Commission representing the private side. BDVA organizes its work in Task Forces, where its members engage and influence with the aim for BDVA to be the European Big Data reference point.


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