News ◦ 26—07—2023

NEUROPUBLIC’s projects at the 9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture

News ◦ 26—07—2023

The 9th Panhellenic Congress for the Development of Greek Agriculture by GAIA EPICHEIREIN, which took place on Monday 17 July with a thematic focus on “Greek agriculture towards 2030: achieving sustainability with the support of the CAP”, was completed with great success and the participation of representatives from the entirety of the agri-food sector.

More than 3.000 participants watched live and online 31 distinguished speakers from Greece and the European Union address key issues such as: strengthening the sustainability and resilience of European and Greek agriculture against the major challenges of climate change and geopolitical upheavals, the relevant support from the CAP 2023-2027, as well as the necessary national strategic choices and best practices in terms of optimal use of the CAP toolbox by EU Member States. At the same time, the need to produce more –and better– with less through the green and digital transition of the production process was also discussed, while ways to boost the outreach and competitiveness of Greek agricultural products were analyzed.

This was a perfect opportunity for NEUROPUBLIC to disseminate some of its flagship projects, such as PLOUTOS, QuantiFarm, Active Ingredient Detector (AcID), MICROBIOFARM and ACROSS.

The roll up banners of these projects were placed in a specially designed area right in the front of the Congress room entrance, which ensured high visibility among the Congress participants. In addition, the projects’ leaflets were included in the Congress bag, which was given to all participants. Last but not least, NEUROPUBLIC’s Project Managers and staff participating in the Congress were available to provide more information about the projects to the participants of the event.

In the case of Ploutos, in the context of the Congress, Senior Project Manager Nikos Marianos presented the outcomes of the Ploutos project highlighting the technological solutions that have been developed and applied in three Sustainable Innovation Pilots in Greece and Cyprus.

Dr. Nikos Marianos, Senior Project Manager, presents the Ploutos project in the context of the Congress

Later on, face to face meetings with key persons activated in the agrifood sector took place, aiming at presenting them with the smart farming and traceability technological solutions.

Technical Project Manager Nikos Kalatzis and Junior Project Manager Marianna Gavrou discuss with Ioannis Pazios, Director General of Agricultural Cooperative “Messinia Union”
Dr. Nikos Marianos and Nikos Kalatzis discuss with George Katsoulis, president of the Association of Agricultural Cooperative Organizations and Enterprises of Greece (SASOEE)

All in all, the Congress provided an excellent opportunity for the dissemination of NEUROPUBLIC’s projects and allowed key stakeholders of the agri-food sector to learn more about the projects, their outcomes and potential benefits for the agrifood sector in general.