News ◦ 31—10—2022

NEUROPUBLIC and its co-funded projects at the 29th Agrotica Fair

News ◦ 31—10—2022

The 29th Agrotica Fair, took place between 20-23 of October 2022 at Thessaloniki, Greece. Over the years, the Fair has evolved into a node for exchanging ideas, innovation and technology for the agrifood sector.

Thousands of farmers – and not only – from Greece, Balkans and the SE Europe visited the Thessaloniki International Exhibition & Congress Centre to see the solutions presented by large agritech companies and industries, as well as the state of the art in machinery, supplies and equipment for the agrifood sector.

NEUROPUBLIC, a leader in the green and digital transformation of Greek agriculture, participated in this year’s Agrotica Fair. In a specially designed central pavilion, the Greek company received numerous farmers, agricultural advisors, researchers and representatives of agrifood companies who wanted to learn more about NEUROPUBLIC’s integrated solutions.

In its specially designed stand, NEUROPUBLIC had the opportunity to disseminate the EU and Greek co-funded projects that the company participates in.

As expected, the visitors showed increased interest about the OliveUp project, as olive is one of the major crops in the wider area. Despite the fact that the project takes place in Central Greece, olive producers from Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki and other areas were attracted by the project’s dissemination material and required more information on the way that smart farming can improve olive production and the product’s competitiveness in the markets.

The Ploutos Horizon 2020 project also drew the attention of a high number of visitors, thanks to the fact that one of the project’s pilot sites, coordinated by NEUROPUBLIC, takes place in northern Greece, close to the Fair’s location. In this context, visitors were informed about the benefits of smart farming in improving the value chain of frozen fruits in the area of Pella, Greece, along with the project’s more general scope, objectives and pilots in other areas and crops.

QuantiFarm, one of NEUROPUBLIC’s newest Horizon Europe projects, was also among the projects disseminated during the Fair. More specifically, visitors were informed about the project as a whole, and on top of that, a project presentation was played back on the main monitor of NEUROPUBLIC’s pavilion at various times.

Following the EU projects, the visitors of NEUROPUBLIC’s pavilion were informed about two more specific projects – ACROSS and MEF4CAP. As regards ACROSS, the target group were mostly researchers interested in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, to name a few, and NEUROPUBLIC’s staff provided information about the project, focusing on the Weather, Climate, Hydrological and Farming pilot in which the company focuses its activities.

Thanks to its name, MEF4CAP attracted mostly policy makers and local government officials who were interested in the new Common Agricultural Policy, the updates compared to the previous one, as well as the ways in which the project’s technology-backed outcomes can improve the implementation and monitoring of the new CAP in Member States.

Last but not least, the Active Ingredient Detector (AcID) project was also disseminated among the Fair’s visitors, especially the greenhouse vegetable growers who were concerned about the crop protection of their cultivations. These visitors were briefed about the project’s aims and objectives, along with the current outcomes of the projects, and they expressed their interest in testing them in their own greenhouses.

NEUROPUBLIC’s staff provided the visitors with all the necessary information about each project, and handed out printed material – including leaflets and brochures, for more information and future reference. in addition, the visitors could access the websites of the aforementioned projects using smartphones, tablets and laptops that were available in NEUROPUBLIC’s pavilion.