News ◦ 04—04—2022

Invitation to the online training on the AgriTech curriculum

News ◦ 04—04—2022

NEUROPUBLIC is a project partner of the AgTech7 project: “A Knowledge Alliance of Agribusiness, Academia and Business Angels for Disruptive Farm-to-Fork Agri-tech Training”, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

In this context, we have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the online training sessions of AgTech7 project where a comprehensive training modules of AgriTech curriculum will be presented. The overall aim of the project is significant and practical enhancement the knowledge of European higher education institutions and research institutes’ students and ‘in-house’ incubator managers, agribusiness entrepreneurs and business angels on a wide set of agri-tech disruptive farm-to-fork applications.

As the main result of this project, an innovative and unique multidisciplinary curriculum has been designed consisting of 7 modules which will provide the attendees with theoretical and practical skills to effectively implement Farm-to-Fork strategies in their Agribusiness with the help of AgriTech disruptive applications.

The seven modules will be delivered in the following schedule:

1. Food value chain and food system 7 th, 8 th and 11th April 2022
2. IoT and EO for growing farm yield and improving resource efficiency 12th, 13 th and 14 th April 2022
3. Data analytics in farm management information systems 19th, 20 th and 21 st April 2022
4. Artificial intelligence in supply chain optimisation 26th, 27 th and 28 th April 2022
5. Financial innovation in Agri-food systems 9th, 10 th and 11 th May 2022
6. Lean startup for agri-tech ventures 17th, 18 th and 20 th May 2022
7. Neuro-science marketing techniques 23rd, 25 th, 26 th May 2022

The training agenda with more details on the training schedule can be found within the attached document and also on the project website.

NEUROPUBLIC’s training module titled: IoT and EO for growing farm yield and improving resource efficiency will be delivered between April 14 and 16, 14.30-16.00 CET, as follows:



  1. Please note that all attendees need to REGISTER first. Following the registration, please SIGN IN  to the Virtual Learning Environment, where the trainings will be delivered.
  2. All training attendees will receive the Certificate of Attendance after completing the course.