News ◦ 18—12—2019

Sustainability of NEUROPUBLIC’s DataBio-enhanced smart farming services after the end of the project

News ◦ 18—12—2019

The DataBio project is soon to come to its successful end and one of the main concerns regarding the project’s outcomes has to do with their sustainability. It is important that they will remain available and fully functional in the future – still, without the EU funding that supported their design, development and operation.

NEUROPUBLIC’s smart farming services, which have been tested and validated in the lifetime of the DataBio project is an example. The services have been significantly enhanced during the project, refined to meet the needs of specific crops in specific areas with diverse microclimatic and soil conditions, among others. The services are commercially available to producers and agricultural cooperatives outside the project, providing them with a competitive advantage compared to traditional farmers and at the same time ensuring the sustainability of their operation.

After the end of the DataBio project, NEUROPUBLIC will keep working on its smart farming services, based on the experience gained through its participation in the project.

In one case, NEUROPUBLIC will continue to work at the project’s pilot site in Stimagka, Corinth. Based on its previous experience, NEUROPUBLIC will fine-tune the smart farming services developed for the table grapes and will work on enhancing the capabilities of its telemetric agro-climatic stations with new GNSS-based capabilities, thus, enabling the provision of affordable and highly accurate precision agriculture services. This work is taking place in the context of the national SymbIoT project.

At another instance, NEUROPUBLIC is working with agricultural cooperatives in the wider area of Central Macedonia, where its DataBio smart farming pilot site on peach orchards was located. Using as a basis its smart farming services for peaches that were developed in the context of the DataBio project, the company is working on a refined version of these services at the area of Pella, which is close to Imathia (the original DataBio pilot site). These adapted services will meet the needs of the specific crop in areas with different microclimatic and soil conditions, aiming at improving the management of peach cultivation, with multiple benefits for the local producers. This work is taking place in the context of the national SmartPeach project.

Through these new activities, NEUROPUBLIC is working towards the exploitation of the experience gained through its participation in the DataBio project and the evolution of the outcomes of the project, by working with both new and existing (to DataBio) user communities and applying its innovative approach to new and existing (again to DataBio) technological solutions.