News ◦ 11—06—2020

gaiasense presented at online workshop on data sharing in agriculture

News ◦ 11—06—2020

NEUROPUBLIC was among the invited speakers of an online workshop on data sharing in agriculture, which took place on Wednesday 10 of June.

The workshop was organized by AIOTI –Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation, of which NEUROPUBLIC is a full member, and the Horizon 2020 project Create-IoT, with the support of the EC.

The workshop’s panel included, among others, representatives of EU organizations, such as DG CONNECT and DG AGRI, networks such as COPA-COGECA and CEMA, and Member-State organizations such as the Ministries of Agriculture of Germany and Spain.

Nikos Kalatzis, NEUROPUBLIC’s Technical Project Manager, presented the case of the innovative smart farming system gaiasense, and the way in which it manages the large volume of heterogeneous data on which it is based. More specifically, the presentation of gaiasense referred to the four dimensions – corresponding to the four data sources – of gaiasense and the way in which these data are acquired, combined and used for the provision of smart farming advice for irrigation, fertilization and crop protection.

The presentation highlighted the technical challenges faced by the agrifood sector regarding the sharing of data acquired from various sources, as well as the means in which these challenges  are addressed by gaiasense and other EU initiatives.

The workshop concluded with a discussion between the speakers and the more than 140 attendees.

You can find more information about the workshop on the Create-IoT website.