News ◦ 16—07—2021

Press Release: Change in NEUROPUBLIC’s Board of Directors

News ◦ 16—07—2021

Today, Friday July 16th 2021, the Annual General Assembly of NEUROPUBLIC’s shareholders took place at the company’s headquarters in Piraeus, Greece.

The aim of the meeting was, among others, the approval of the annual financial statements for the fiscal year 1/1/2020-31/12/2020 and the election of the new Board of Directors that will manage the company until the General Assembly of 2024.

The General Assembly elected the company’s new Board of Directors, with the participation of two acknowledged executives of NEUROPUBLIC’s shareholder Piraeus Bank, Mr. Christodoulos Antoniadis and Mr. Ioannis Chaniotakis, in order to further promote the strategic cooperation between NEUROPUBLIC S.A. and Piraeus Bank.

The new Board of Directors then formed into a body, with the following composition:

Christodoulos Antoniadis, President

Charikleia Stamataki, Vice President

Roza Gargalakou, CEO

Georgios Mamais, Member

Ioannis Mavroudis, Member

Kalliopi Tsimidopoulou, Member

Ioannis Chaniotakis, Member

Fotios Chatzipapadopoulos, Member

The General assembly also approved the company’s Strategic Development Plan for the next three years, and it was decided that the role of NEUROPUBLIC in the digitization of the agricultural sector will be significantly reinforced for this period.

NEUROPUBLIC would like to cordially thank the former President Mr. Fotios Chatzipapadopoulos and former Vice President Mr. Georgios Mamais for their services, and wish the new President Mr. Christodoulos Antoniadis, new Vice President Mrs. Charikleia Stamataki, CEO Mrs. Roza Gargalakou and members of the new Board of Directors a successful path in their new duties.