News ◦ 01—11—2019

Participation of NEUROPUBLIC in the 6th Panhellenic Congress of GAIA EPICHEIREIN

News ◦ 01—11—2019

NEUROPUBLIC participated in the 6th Panhellenic Congress on the Development of Greek Agriculture with the theme “Innovation for sustainable agri-food systems: the present and future of the CAP“. The event was held on Friday October 25 2019 at Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, and was highly successful, with the participation of a high number of farmers, agronomists, researchers and representative of public and private sector organizations, as well as the banking and political sector.

During the Congress, NEUROPUBLIC’s President Fotis Chatzipapadopoulos referred extensively to gaiasense as an innovative smart farming system, focusing on the way in which it contributes to the goals of the new Common Agricultural Policy in a way that ensures environmental, financial and social sustainability.

Παρουσίαση του gaiasense στο 6ο Συνέδριο της GAIA ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΕΙΝ

From his side, NEUROPUBLIC’s CEO Ioannis Koufoudakis presented the company’s ecosystem of digital services, which prepare farmers and agricultural consultants in a timely and effective way for their transition to digital agriculture, in line with the requirements of the new Common Agricultural Policy.

Παρουσίαση των υπηρεσιών της NEUROPUBLIC στο 6ο Συνέδριο της GAIA ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΕΙΝ

In both cases, the important role of agricultural cooperatives in accelerating the adoption of innovation and digitization of agricultural production was highlighted, as well as the need for adopting practices to reduce the environmental footprint of agriculture.

In the context of NEUROPUBLIC’s presence in the Congress, the company presented – in a specially designed area – selected Greek (SmartPeach and SymbIoT) and European (DataBio, LIFE GAIA Sense, IoT4Potato, SmartAgriHubs) projects in which it participates. NEUROPUBLIC’s staff was on site and had the opportunity to discuss with the Congress participants as well as inform them of the activities and results of these projects.

Φυλλάδια έργων της NEUROPUBLIC στο 6ο Συνέδριο της GAIA ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΕΙΝΠαρουσία των έργων της NEUROPUBLIC στο 6ο Συνέδριο της GAIA ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΕΙΝ


A telemetric agro-meteorological station of gaiasense was also exhibited in the same area for demonstrating it to the participants; these stations are designed, developed and manufactured at the company’s premises in Piraeus.

Τηλεμετρικός σταθμός της NEUROPUBLIC στο 6ο Συνέδριο της GAIA ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΕΙΝ


You can watch the entire event in the video below.