“GAIApedia” is a constantly developing and dynamic electronic encyclopaedia with a very wide range of subjects regarding agricultural activity in Greece.

In short

GAIApedia” constitutes a constantly developing and dynamic electronic encyclopaedia that provides information on a very wide range of subjects regarding agricultural activity in Greece.

The encyclopaedia is rich in material with regard to the agrifood sector. Different bodies (research institutes, agricultural consultants, a.o.) can contribute to its update, aiming to bring to the fore and enrich the subjects.


It has been developed using the capabilities of the MediaWiki tool and is accessible to all internet users free of charge

In particular, GAIApedia offers free reliable and timely information as well as valuable professional and scientific knowledge to producers, young farmers, fishermen, breeders, veterinarians, fish farmers, agronomists, agribusinesses, researchers, producers, researchers, organizers, researchers, producers , entrepreneurs, traders, scientists, consumers, etc.

The informative material, which is provided in an easy and user-friendly manner, has to do with all agricultural sectors (agriculture, livestock and fisheries, production, standardization, processing, trade up to consumption) in their entire range. The list of subjects of GAIApedia may, among other things, refer to agricultural practices, subsidies, legislative framework, dealing with risks, supplies procurement, certification, statistical information, scientific studies, a.o.

The major advantage of this electronic encyclopedia lies in the fact that a significant “wealth” of agricultural knowledge has been “accumulated” through some 17000 articles. The material is gathered and catalogued by official sources, such as university editions, agricultural content journals, research and studies (graduate, postgraduate and doctoral), state authorities’ websites (Ministry of Rural Development and Food (MRDF), the Payment and Control Agency for Guidance and Guarantee Community Aid (OPEKEPE), the Organisation of Hellenic Agricultural Insurance (ELGA)), as well as from webpages of agricultural interest.