GAIA Learning

The GAIA Learning digital platform offers its users the possibility to train and transfer knowledge with modern and simple e-training and e-learning methods.

In short

The training takes places remotely, does not require the physical presence of a teacher and a trainee and is based on a series of lessons structured in subunits with different content.

The content of the lessons is adjusted and determined according to the needs that arise each time or the learning goals set, and can cover a wide range of knowledge.

The GAIA Learning digital application is a fully functioning lesson management system, appropriate for 100% online lessons, as well as the for the enhancement of face-to-face learning, and is characterised as simple, efficient, adjustable and easy in its use.

The design of the application in question:

  • Promotes the pedagogical theory of social structuralism (cooperation, activities, critical thinking, a.o.)
  • Provides units with many functional elements
  • Supports the easy activation and deactivation of its functions, as is deemed necessary in each implementation
  • Allows for the easy adjustment of the graphic interface
  • Provides a list of lessons with a short description for each lesson and access possibility by visitors.
  • Provides remote and specialised learning and knowledge
  • Allows the categorisation and search of lessons. A single platform can support thousands of lessons.
  • It places special emphasis on security. All forms are subjected to control, the data is certified, cookies are encrypted etc.
  • Most fields for text input (sources, forum etc.) use an incorporated text editor.