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Democratizing digital farming through smart solutions for small farms

In short

Farmtopia is a 3 year long project bringing together 22 partners and aims to democratize digital farming by creating a paradigm shift in the way Agricultural Digital Solutions (ADSs) for small farms are created, deployed and paid for.

Using a multi-actor approach, Farmtopia will engage farmers, ADSs providers, farm advisors, scientists, policy makers, AKIS actors and other relevant stakeholders in eighteen (18) Sustainable Innovation Pilots (SIPs) in more than fifteen (15) countries across Europe, and guide them in co-creating, deploying and piloting a number of innovative ADSs for small farms, while designing and validating appropriate business and governance models to support them. The focus will be mainly on specific crops and livestock for which current ADS provision is inadequate but also on crops that are of regional importance, strengthening resilience, sustainability and food security across Europe.

NP is the coordinator of the project, contributing across all WPs. It is also the leader of WP1 on designing the Farmtopia Digital Solutions, as well as the leader and ADS provider of SIP1 in Greece.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Programme, under Grant Agreement No. 101059700

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