These are two proposals that NEUROPUBLIC submitted, which were evaluated by independent assessors and were selected among many other proposals, during the open call for SMEs that was published with the goal of finding a sub-beneficiary for the project, under SmartAgrifood2.

In short

SmartAgriFood2 is a combination of a project and a coordination and support action for the agricultural sector. It is part of the 3 FI-PPP (Future Internet – Public-Private Partnership) and has the development of a software ecosystem for developing smart services and applications for the agrifood sector at a B2B level as its field of application.

The project covers three representative subsectors: arable farming, horticulture and livestock. The purpose was to develop a smart farming environment due to the project’s cooperative action, through which:

  • The farmers will be able to improve their enterprise with affordable prices, smart applications and innovative support services.
  • The software providers will have the necessary support as to develop smart applications and services, which they will be able to promote to the world market in affordable prices.


GAPP - The Greening APPlication

The GAPP application has green direct payment as its subject, which allows to the European producers to comply withgreeningrequirements of the new CAP. The product, which is going to be developed, will facilitate the compliance and evaluation of the producers.

Specifically, the GAPP ICT project group is comprised by two distinct applications/services, which are the EFA calculation and the crop diversification factor:

  • The first application checks whether a producer possesses the required EFA area that justifies a greening direct payment. In case of non-compliance, the crop diversification application suggests action that can be undertaken so that the producer becomes eligible for such subsidies.
  • Within the same framework, the second application checks whether the producer complies with the crop diversification rule and suggests required actions that have to be undertaken in case of non-compliance.
PEGAPP - Permanent Grassland Application

The PEGAPP application deals with the green direct payment, with a product that facilitates European producers that own animals to comply with the “greening” requirements of the new CAP, as far as permanent pastures are concerned.

Specifically, the PEGAPP ICT product allows the laying of viable management plans for pastures. The basic idea of the project has to do with developing an application that directed mainly to agriculturists (without excluding the producers of agricultural goods), in order to help the beneficiaries that declare pastures (when submitting application for Community subsidies) to maintain these pastures free of major change for the following three years (maintaining greening as a compliance measure).

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