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SmartPeach is a project that aims at developing and utilizing smart farming techniques (scientific forecasting models) for the support of peach cultivation.

In short

SmartPeach is a project funded by the «RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE» Action, Operational Programme «Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Innovation» National Strategic Reference Framework 2014-2020 (EPAnEK–ESPA 2014-2020) and aims at developing and utilising smart farming techniques (scientific forecasting models) that are based at cutting-edge technologies, for the promotion of the best cultivation practices (maximising input implementation) in order to reduce the production cost per quarter-acre of cultivation and concurrent improvement of the clingstone and freestone peach.

Upon project completion, the research results will be utilised for the realisation of smart farming technologies, which will form the support tool of the geotechnical services of cooperatives specialising in peach cultivation.

Through the utilization of smart farming services, the qualitative upgrade of the end product will be bolstered via the minimisation of the plant-protection products persistence as well as of the environmental footprint of the cultivation (proper use of energy, fertilisers and water).

NEUROPUBLIC is the coordinator of the project, in which the Agricultural Cooperative of Episkopi Imathias and the Agricultural Cooperative of Kalyvia Pellas also participate.