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ADVISE is a European project that aimed to design and develop a platform for the production, processing, management and selective search of monitoring material.

In short

The project provides a solution to the dire need for automated and smart monitoring solutions, which ensued due to the continuous development of heterogeneous monitoring system in large scale.

NEUROPUBLIC takes an active part in the project and has a commanding role in safely and efficiently bringing all the subsystems that comprise it in concert.

Moreover, having a lot of experience in networks and management services of sensitive data, realised the Access NegotiatorSystem Orchestrator subsystem.

The project is being realized with the co-funding of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme; contract number 285024.


Innovative techniques
  • Semantic enrichment in video analysis and interpretation
  • User rights ontologies
  • Communication safety
Main challenges
  • Diversity of monitoring systems
  • Different forms of video compression
  • Different indexing systems
Strict adherence to

all legal and moral issues pertaining to personal data privacy and the rules that govern the supervision and the material produced.

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