• Έναρξη:01—05—2014
  • Ολοκλήρωση:31—10—2017
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LASIE (Large Scale Information Exploitation of Forensic Data) is a European project that aims to design and realise a new platform, which will aid analysts in crime research.

In short

The platform is based on advanced, automated mechanisms for the analysis, processing, management and combination of data. These mechanisms process large quantities of data that come from different sources and in different forms. Especially for data that concern legal and moral issues, the platform is supported by a specialised staff.

After the data is processed, the results are stored in a knowledge base and then subjected to knowledge analysis.

The suggested knowledge representation framework allows the system to, among other things, make suggestions to the analysts, directing them in the research process. The application’s user will have the capability of processing complex queries for the recovery of proof, through a search mechanism with a friendly interface.

NEUROPUBLIC’s contribution to this project has mainly to do with text processing, and the control and validation of the system as a whole.

With the co-funding by the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme, contract number 607480.

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