GS Compliance – Cross-Compliance Rules

The «GS Compliance – Cross-Compliance Rules» enables the accurate determination of obligations, regarding a specific agricultural holding.

In short

The Cross-Compliance Rules constitute “horizontal” obligations, which stem from a multitude of European regulations and directives, and that all direct aid beneficiaries are obliged to comply to.

The “GS Compliance – Cross-Compliance Rules” application allows for the accurate determination of obligations, regarding a specific agricultural holding, taking into account its specific characteristics, such as the geographical area, the type of cultivation or breeding, the production direction a.o., and confers the capability of personalized reports in the form of technical directives.

The regulatory frameworks that have been codified concern the following:

  • Good agricultural and environmental situation standards, and regulatory management requirements
  • European directives and national legal frameworks pertaining to the implementation of the European directives
  • Management plans for the NATURA areas
  • Action plans for the areas that are vulnerable to nitrates
  • Integrated plant-protection programmes


The complete and detailed codification of the regulatory frameworks’ information has been realised through the utilisation of ontologies and the exact correlation of the meanings and their properties contributes to the information’s systematic collection and organized management.

Through the application, the capability of targeted reports is offered, with the combinational utilization of additional parameters, which are the result of answers to interdependent questions of the electronic application.

The utilization of the ontology capabilities of the Knowledge Repository leads to the production of the knowledge that is necessary for the accurate determination of the obligations and the issue of personalized technical directives.

The application in question interoperates with the “GI ICM – Integrated Cultivation Management”, electronic application, in order to address the needs for compliance to the Regulatory Requirements and their correct mapping.