In 2014, NEUROPUBLIC undertook a large Informatics project on behalf of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food (MRDF) and OPEKEPE as the implementing body.

In short

The project is called “Electronic Services of the Farmers’ and Agricultural Holdings’ Registry and the Agricultural Products Traders Registry & Interconnection of the Rest of MRDF’s Registries” and constitutes part of an act entitled: High added value Agricultural Digital Services (e-MRDF – e-ΥπΑΑΤ).

The project’s objective is the development of the Farmers’ and Agricultural Holdings’ Registry (MAAE), the development of the Traders’ of Agricultural Products, Supplies and Inputs Integrated Registry (EMEAPEE), and the development of these Registries’ digital services.

Moreover, the project’s objective is the development of an environment for exchanging alphanumeric and geospatial data between the cooperating agencies and the MRDF, in order to achieve a standardised, based on open standards, high interoperability exchange of data and information, so that they are available for further use both to external players, and the MRDF Services. The interconnection of the rest (branch) of MRDF’s registries to the new environment, the development of new branch registries and the operational bolstering of the existing Registries, as well as the selective purging of data and the common displaying of the details in a single manner in the existing applications, which maintain their operational autonomy and remain in operation for serving the needs of the Ministry, constitute an additional objective.

Finally, the development of a web-based application (web-gis) for the geospatial and alphanumeric data is another objective of the project, so that these are available for display, statistical processing and management depending on the user’s authorization.

The aim of the project is the optimum use of the systems and infrastructure that will be developed in the agencies through the e-MRDF act, the further utilisation of existing MRDF’s systems, providing high value digital services towards the agricultural agents, but mainly the creation of an interoperability mechanism in the data exchange with the supervised agencies for the creation of reliable agricultural registries.
The project is expected to be completed in September 2015.