The ACRITAS project aimed at the research, design and development of integrated earth observation applications, utilizing and combing satellite data and technologies.

In short

In the context of its participation in si-Cluster, an industrial innovation cluster that aims at the development of industrial and scientific excellence in specific fields of satellite technologies and applications, ΝEUROPUBLIC participated in the collaborative project ACRITAS.

ACRITAS aimed at the research, design, development and validation of space-based integrated applications for surveillance and monitoring through advanced multi-sensor data fusion technologies. Special emphasis is put on the integrated use of space-related technologies (i.e., Earth Observation (GMES), Satellite Communications (SatCom), and Satellite Navigation (GNSS)), and their fusion with available terrestrial in-situ assets for key application domains, such as: Border Surveillance, Critical Energy Infrastructure Monitoring, Coastal Environmental Monitoring, and Agricultural Monitoring..

NEUROPUBLIC was responsible for the coordination of the project’s activities that regard the data fusion and control of the final results (data validation) of the applications regarding agricultural crops.

In the context of the application development, NEUROPUBLIC explored the possibilities of the combined use of satellite images and existing geospatial data for detecting changes in the agricultural land, as per the eligibility criteria provisioned by the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and focused on the development of automated crop identification and monitoring methods in order to support the inspections of agricultural subsidies.

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