Active Ingredient Detector (AcID)

The AcID project aims at the research for the development and utilization of necessary technologies for the realt-time detection of the pesticides applied through spraying in greenhouse crops and the integration of these technologies with an integrated and functional smart farming system.

In short

AcID aims at maximizing the effectiveness of pesticides against the targeted pests and at the same time minimizing their side effects to humans and other living organisms. This holistic approach requires the real time monitoring of the greenhouse environment (air and soil temperature and humidity), the monitoring of the crop evolution, as well as the farming activities applied by the farmer.

The AcID project will focus on the development of sensors for a specific number of pesticides that are commonly used in greenhouse crops for addressing powdery mildew and downy mildew. These technologies will be applied in pilot productive greenhouses in areas of Crete and Thessaloniki, aiming at the extraction of  the necessary conclusions regarding the effectiveness of the proposed approach.