Alentejo (Portugal) – Olives

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In the context of the European project LIFE GAIA Sense, the smart farming services of gaiasense are applied to olive groves in the region of  Alentejo in Portugal

In short

The European project LIFE GAIA Sense, coordinated by NEUROPUBLIC, aims to highlight the way in which smart farming contributes to reducing the environmental footprint of agricultural production and how it contributes to circular economy models.

In this context, gaiasense smart farming services services are applied to olive groves in the Alentejo region of ​​Portugal. More specifically, in collaboration with the Portuguese National Confederation of Agricultural Cooperatives of Portugal CONFAGRI (Confederação Nacional de Cooperativas Agrícolas e Crédito Agrícola de Portugal), telemetry stations have been set up in selected olive groves of the Agency that records the region’s soil and climatic data. At the same time, the stations record the farming activities and other types of data are utilized to support smart farming advice on irrigation, fertilization and crop protection.

The aim of the collaboration is to produce high quality olives, while reducing production costs and environmental footprint.