GI Livestock – Livestock Farms Management

The “GI Livestock – Livestock Farms Management” application provides multiple features for the proper management of a group of animal breeders or for an individual livestock farm.

In short

The “GI Livestock – Livestock Farms Management” online application is distinguished due to its multiple features, for the purpose of correctly managing a group of animal breeders or an individual livestock farm.

This application has been designed to meet the requirements arising from day-to-day management of a livestock farm, the compliance with the regulatory frameworks (e.g. Cross-Compliance Rules, Livestock Farm Registry, Medication Registry etc.) as well as from the implementation of the different Quality Assurance Systems.

More specifically:


It enables access to and management of data and files regarding the records work performed in the livestock farm and the inputs used.

The reports that it issues help the breeder and/or the cooperating animal professional and/or the collaborating veterinarian in in reporting on the previous year as well as in combination reports on specific practices or inputs to the end product (quantitative and qualitative product category), to safely draw conclusions about the course of the farm and to make decisions on optimizing the financial result. 

It offers separate forms for each of the procedures in order to make filling them in easier, and their evaluation and the drawing of conclusions even easier. The main functionalities of the specific application are:

  • Livestock Farm Management
  • Animal Capital Management
  • Nutrition Management
  • Reproduction Management
  • Health Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Reports

The GI Livestock application interoperates with the  “GAIA Trace – Traceability”, for the purpose of monitoring and managing the traceability at all levels of the production process.